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Is It..Could It Be....

Moaning, shuffling, torn clothes...no, not you after your last night drinking, something else...

I'm Back With Valentine's Day Cards!!!

That's right, 13th Floor is back with a new line of Valentine's Day cards! I'll be posting them tonight.
As always, you can get them at www.amaltheasattic.com

The Real Meaning of the Holidays?

What is the real nature and essence of the holiday season? Everyone has their opinion but I think these two have found some great common ground on which we can all stand!
This greeting card is available at www.amaltheasattic.com


Where you can find our cards

Our line is exclusively sold at Amalthea's Attic, a great gothic website. Look for 13th Floor Productions and you'll find all of our designs.

Holidays throughout the dimensions...

Well, it seems like holiday traditions are important on other worlds also. After all, if there's intelligent life in this universe or others, wouldn't at least some of them celebrate holidays? We think they would.
This is available as a traditional greeting card.

Our second card is up and running! This time we're doing a traditional greeting card folded style. The message continues on the inside but there's plenty of room to add your own thoughts, feelings or even organs.
This cute little guy just couldn't resist getting a special gift for a special person; just don't ask him how he got it.
This and all of our cards that are coming (yes, there's more) are available exclusively at www.amaltheasattic.com

First Greeting Card!

Our first product, the "Holiday Well Wisher" card is posted on www.amaltheasattic.com and they are taking pre-orders now. It's a 5x7 postcard with a blank back, so you can write your own messages. It's also available as an option in their gift wrapping service. More to come, so keep watching this page and check Amaltheasattic.com!